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fabri-CAD is your comprehensive furniture services and solutions partner

With fabri-CAD you get more than CAD models and drawings. Our deep industry experience and know-how ensures that your products will make it to market without a hitch. Think of us as your back-office design, development and production team. Whether for a specific project or on an ongoing basis, we take care of the details so you do not have to. Confidentiality, integrity and flexibility are our calling cards. Partner with us and see for yourself.

Why Choose Us

Combining decades of experience in furniture design, development and manufacturing management, our expertise, resources and strategic location provide an ideal synthesis of capabilities and connections to transform your ideas into finished product.

Our Mission

To provide economical and flexible best in class product development, management and consulting services to the furniture industry delivered through attentive and reliable customer service.

What You Get

Commitment to your project and expectations. Expert and responsive project management. Predictable results that meet your goals. Flexible and transparent service packages and pricing. High quality products at affordable prices delivered on time and on budget.

The directors of fabri-CAD have decades of experience across a broad range of industries and fields of expertise.

Daniel O'Leary

Daniel O'Leary

Managing Director

Daniel has lived and worked in Indonesia for over 30 years, where he gained experience managing large manufacturing operations, setting up new businesses and providing consultancy services to international client companies. He's developed a deep understanding of the local laws, business culture and traditions that are key to effectively managing and operating a business in the region.

Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson

Technical Director

Over the past 20 years Andrew has worked nearly every role in furniture production. Formally trained as an industrial designer and expert in traditional as well as modern production methods, he brings a well-rounded understanding of furniture manufacturing, finishing and upholstery and combines it with expertise in the latest digital 3D modeling and visualization tools.

Merriel Karis

Merriel Karis

Systems Director

Merriel has held senior management positions in a variety of services, processing and manufacturing industries including aviation, food and luxury furniture. Formally trained in both Chemical Engineering and Finance, he is an adept multi-tasker with a solid foundation in analytical problem-solving, data analysis, strategic planning, international certification systems, and operations management.

We makeyour design ready to manufacture

We createstunning images for marketing

We prepareguidelines for certifications

We developsamples for product validation

We sourcereputable and reliable manufacturers

We systematizebusiness data for automation

We implementCRM, ERP and MRP systems

We managesmall projects to entire factories

We planfactory workflows and machinery

With services ranging from design to development, planning and management, fabri-CAD is an ideal partner for furniture professionals in design, manufacturing and distribution.

Furniture Design


Whether your product is a simple sketch or a detailed concept, we will manage your idea with an unflinching attention to detail. Working as problem-solvers, we blend keen aesthetics with knowledge of manufacturing, material properties and advanced digital visualization skills. Holistic analysis and creative synthesis ensures that all the aesthetic, functional, ergonomic, manufacturing and cost requirements are met and properly balanced.

Product Development


We specialize in turning design concepts into manufacturing- and marketing-ready design documentation. 2D shop drawings -- 3D CAD data -- guidelines for materials, finishing, upholstery and regulatory certifications -- renderings for marketing, promotion, and evaluation -- samples for testing, photo-shoots or furniture shows. As your partner in the field we’ll keep you informed, in the loop and in control.

Project Sourcing


Whether looking for material suppliers or product manufacturers, our design documentation will be matched with vetted manufacturers from among our extensive international network of factories and workshops. We closely work with our suppliers to ensure that they deliver the costing, sampling, scheduling, and production quality you need and expect. Your work is our work, so we stand by the end results.

Systems Design


Sales and marketing, procurement, manufacturing, and logistics functions must be integrated and coordinated in a modern manufacturing operation. As an Odoo partner, we can help to design and implement CRM, ERP and MRP programs to provide visibility, oversight and control of your operations and ensure your business runs more smoothly.

Operations Management


Tapping into decades of multidisciplinary experience, we provide both discrete and on-going support to manufacturing companies by assisting with multiple functions such as direct factory management, business development, strategic planning, restructuring, systems development, material and manpower sourcing, quality control, certification and compliance, and design and product development utilizing the latest digital tools. No project is too big or too small.

Factory Layout


With hands-on experience manufacturing rattan, timber, wood panel and metal products, we understand the techniques, equipment and workflows required to efficiently and safely transform raw materials into finished product. Whether building a facility from the ground up, expanding operations, or restructuring existing lines, we can ensure the planning and commissioning are to spec, on time and on budget.

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